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Become a Driving Instructor

URGENT: Driving Instructor Jobs in Leicestershire
Become a Driving Instructor Features & franchise benefits of becoming a Jon Matthews driving instructor with Jon Matthews Driving School.
Driving School Franchise Opportunity with Jon Matthews Driving School

Become UK driving instructor with an organisation that offers fair franchise terms, & reliable income source. With Jon Matthews Driving School, you get a driving school franchise agreement that ensures you work for yourself on a self-employment basis with a decent income for your efforts. At Jon Matthews Driving School you will enjoy all the benefits of a grounded franchise term that make it worth your while in your decision to become a driving instructor in UK.

So, yes. If you are thinking of becoming a driver-trainer, you are in the right place. Do you need to qualify as a professional instuctor? Or have you already qualified and are now looking for a reputable organisation to help you improve your earning potential in your chosen career?

Jon Matthews Driving School offers great career opportunities for full and part time driving instructors in UK. The driving school franchise agreement is designed to encourage practicing driver-trainers increase their potential earning power so they can have more time teaching novice drivers how to improve their driving skills.

That said, we also encourage part time driving coaches to contact us with the view to forging a better working realtionship.

Driving Instructor Jobs

If you want to become a driving instructor with the potential of becoming a fleet trainer, or a registered Pass Plus instructor, we have the right jobs on offer at Jon Matthews Driving School. Consider the idea of running your own franchise operations with all the support you need to get a regular supply of pupils.

Driving Instructor Vacancies in UK

We have driving instructor jobs for any driving instructor in the UK wanting to improve their earning potential. Give us a call, or email us.

ADI Franchise Opportunities

Become A Driving Instructor in UK

Are you wondering about the complete process of becoming a driving instructor? Get all the information and training on how to qualify. You can train to qualify as a registered driving instructor with us. After that, we promise a decent career for registered ADIs who continu with us.

Jon Matthews Driving School offers low cost training so the potential driving instructor can be happy with their returns. This will ensure an instructor's investment in teaching skills is optimized.

Which ADI Franchise?

Looking for a driving instructor job? Jon Matthews Driving School has teaching vacancies up and down the British Aisle. This can be as a full time ADI Car Franchise, Trainee Franchise, or a simple Heardboard Franchise.

Full Franchise | Car option

If you have too much on your plate, and you need a nice runner for your driving tuition business needs, Jon Matthews can help resource a low cost tuition vehicle that will not leaving you gsping for breathing space. A full Franchise with a car option is available for the discerning driving instructor. We never stop giving you pupils unless you ask us to stop.

Since we offer you the car, the vehicle remains the property of Jon Matthews Driving School. But if you want to buy it, we'll be glad to consider your proposal. When we do provide the car, it will be ready with industry standard dual controls, decals, and insurance. All you need to do is get the car and teach. Even the road tax, VED will be taken care of. Read on...

Headboard Franchise | Potential Instructors: Trainee Licences

Get a job that ticks all the right boxes for your needs. Pay only for business support while you sort out the car & insurance for your small business empire. Jon Matthews Driving School will give you the pupils you need; there is no upper limit on the referals we send your way.

If you are new to the game, you may consider a Trainee Licence. Earn as you learn. Or is it Learn as You earn? Either way, you get the drift. Start your driver trainer career while you are still in your training period. Earn an extra as tou develop your skills to become a driving instructor. More on headboard franchise...

NEW! Zero Franchise Fee!

Driving Instructor Franchise

Jon Matthews Driving School also offers a zero cost franchise arrangement.

How does the zero contract work? Well, you only need to register an interest in our operations; specifically, the intensive driving course part of the business. It doesn't matter where you are located in the UK, we are sure to receive enquiries from learner drivers in your immediate working areas. So when we do get such enquiries, you will be top on our list for driving instructor services. If you want to receive information about potential pupils, please click to register ADI interest.

Once registration is complete, you sit back and relax, pending the enquiries. Cost to you? £0.00! Zero franchise fees?

Yes, that comes to sero, náid, cero, zéro, nulla. You pay nothing. You only pay when you've started with the pupil, and this is secure too. Why? Well, quite often, the pupil will have pre-paid. And yes, they will pay upfront for their entire course before you start. That's how we rock!

Small Business Franchise

You need a best professional driving school who understands your needs at the grassroots. Pupil's ability to pay, and need for your proposed tuition. Thats where we come in.

Jon Matthews Driving School

Driving School offers, second to none. We want to become the driving school to go to for advice, oportunities, and resources for professional driving instructors. Isn't it time you got on the bandwaggon, and work with an organization that counts?

Run your small business franchise with clout.'

Driving Instructor Vacancies

Due to our expansion plans, Jon Matthews Driving School is now recruiting driving instructors to fulfil driver training functions in different locations in th United Kingdom.

Person Specification

Our driving instructors deliver high quality driver training. For this reason, our team of trainers must have certain qualities that make us stand out from the rest of the industry operatives. Below are some of the key qualities our training staff must eschew.

Job Description

We need driving instructors to teach our potential pupils how to drive.

What is the job of the driving instructor? First and foremost, the driving instructor must improve on the basic driving skills of his or her learner driver pupil. To achieve this, the ADI, or PDI, must amongst other things;

Instructor Salary & Income

You will be taking on a driving instructor franchise opportunity. As a result, you will generate your own income from the pupils we provide, in addition to the ones you gain from other referals. We estimate you will garner an income of at least £16,000 to £22,000 in the first year. This will most likely rise to approximately £25,000 withing the first three years.

To help you achieve this, we will be providing at least 25 prepaid pupils. For more information on how to join us as a driving instructor, please look at our Franchise Opportunities.

Job Locations

We need driving instructor personell for the following reasons:

If your location is not listed, we may still be requiring your services. So, do please get in touch.

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